“Doc Prep” VS. “Full Service” – What’s the Difference?

“Doc Prep” VS. “Full Service” – What’s the Difference?

"Doc Prep" VS. "Full Service" - What’s the Difference?

Before you sign with a timeshare cancellation firm, know the difference between “Doc Prep” and “Full Service”.

When it comes to timeshare cancellation some well-known companies do what’s called “doc prep” or “document preparation”.

The main difference between “doc prep” and “full service” in timeshare cancellation is the level of assistance and support provided by the timeshare cancellation company.

“Doc prep” generally refers to a limited service in which the timeshare cancellation company prepares the necessary legal documentation and paperwork required for canceling a timeshare contract. This may include drafting a timeshare cancellation letter, gathering evidence, and preparing legal forms and affidavits. However, the responsibility of actually sending the cancellation letter and negotiating with the timeshare company falls on the timeshare owner.

On the other hand, “full service” timeshare cancellation firms typically provide a more comprehensive range of services, such as sending the cancellation letter to the timeshare company on behalf of the owner, negotiating with the company, and providing legal representation if necessary. In other words, the timeshare cancellation company takes care of the entire cancellation process, from start to finish, and provides ongoing customer service support throughout.


There are several potential disadvantages to using a document preparation service for timeshare cancellation:

  • Limited assistance: Doc prep services may only provide assistance with preparing the necessary paperwork, but do not provide ongoing support throughout the cancellation process. If you encounter any issues or roadblocks, you may not have anyone to turn to for help.
  • Lack of expertise: Document preparation services may not have the legal expertise or experience needed to navigate complex timeshare cancellation issues. This could result in errors or omissions in the paperwork that could delay or prevent the cancellation of your timeshare.
  • Incomplete documentation: If you are responsible for submitting the paperwork yourself, there is a risk that you may miss a document or submit incomplete documentation, which could cause delays or even result in the cancellation being denied.
  • No legal representation: Doc prep services do not typically provide legal representation if you need to take legal action to cancel your timeshare. This means that if your case becomes more complicated or you need to take legal action against the timeshare company, you may need to find a separate attorney to represent you.
  • Higher risk of scams: There are many fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies that offer document preparation services but do not follow through on their promises. It is important to thoroughly research any company you are considering working with to avoid falling victim to a scam.

In our experience, the cost of a “full service” is comparable to many “doc prep” companies, but “full service” is far more convenient, less stressful, and an effective option for timeshare owners who want to ensure a successful cancellation outcome without the hassle of handling all aspects of the cancellation process themselves. So in conclusion, when considering a timeshare cancellation company, it’s important to understand the difference between a “doc prep” and a “full service” provider. While document preparation services may seem like a more affordable option, they often lack the legal expertise, ongoing support, and comprehensive range of services provided by full-service timeshare cancellation firms. Choosing a full-service provider may ultimately lead to a more successful cancellation outcome and less stress for the timeshare owner. It’s crucial to thoroughly research any company before signing a contract to avoid falling victim to a scam.